Author Am Bornfree

Aries Sun. Gemini Moon. Virgo Rising.

I’m a creative writer at the core, a lifelong student of astrology and a mystic, pretty much all the damn time.

Even though I was born in a small town of cornfields & dirty feet, I spent my childhood in Flint, Michigan. Afterward, I moved to Oak Park, IL, (the home of Ernest Hemingway) as a teenager. As far as adulthood goes, I’ve been a resident of Chicago for over 15 years and counting.

On February, 22nd, 2022 I released my debut novel, Welcoming Mad Era.

Welcoming Mad Era is Book 1 of The Revolt Occult Series. The Revolt Occult is a social justice fantasy series about a coven of peculiar “magicians” who use their gifts to rectify modern injustices.

I most certainly write about and for working class people, specifically people of color – Black & Brown to be precise. However, I believe my audience is wider than it appears. Since I write with mystical energy and the love for planets, I’m certain ‘astroheads’ may dig my words. I also believe radical minded high school seniors as well as progressive suburban moms will find the pulse in my stories.

A wife, a mother of two, and a vessel for my ancestors, you may find pieces of my reality sprinkled in my fictional writing.