Social Justice & Magic in modern settings.

Whether you’re an avid seventeen-year-old reader of fiction with a hunger for social justice, a forty-year-old woman of color returning to your love for magical stories, or an ally for BIPOC stories wanting to explore and support indie gems, I´m certain, Bornfree´s fiction will be a great fit for you.

Bornfree weaves magical realism into urban-setting stories that tackle everyday injustices. Equally, she writes about working class people of color and mysticism; snuggled between these two, her voice thrives. Her complex-themed prose is fitting for ages 16+!

The Revolt Occult Series

The Revolt Occult Series is a Young Adult/New Adult Social Justice Contemporary Magical Realism collection. The series is about a peculiar group of characters who rectify modern injustices with the use of magic.

Book 1, Welcoming Mad Era tackles the prevalent injustice of police brutality. Am is currently working on the second book of the series. This work-in-progress dives into the biases that too many teachers who teach early childhood and primary education pass onto young minds.

Book 1 of The Revolt Occult Series, Welcoming Mad Era is out now on Amazon/Applebooks & Kobo!